Gypfill Filler

Gyproc Joint Filler is used in the traditional three stage jointing process. Standards Gyproc Joint Filler complies with EN 13963 type 1B, and is manufactured under a quality system independently audited and certified as conforming with ISO 9001: 2000. Performance Effect of temperature Ambient and background temperature must be maintained above 5°C until fully dry. Dry, bagged product is not affected by low temperatures. Once fully set and dry, Gyproc Joint Filler is only suitable for situations where the temperature does not exceed 43°C. Effect of condensation and other moisture Gyproc Joint Filler should be protected from continuous exposure to moisture. Prolonged or repeated exposure to moisture may cause a loss of strength and/or adhesion.

Coverage On average 37m2 per 12.5kg bag and 74m2 per 25kg bag. Setting time Mixture is workable for approximately 1 hour, and sets gradually – allow each coat to set before applying the next. Setting times vary slightly with changes in ambient temperature and water content. Full strength is only achieved when the product is completely dry, hence adequate ventilation must be provided, particularly where other wet materials are also present. Water requirement Approximately 6 litres of water per 12.5kg bag. Approximately 12 litres of water per 25kg bag